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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How does the system work?

The system uses GPS satellites to calculate the location and speed of the vehicle at all times. It also uses the Internet connection to send this information to the server. This allows the user to enter through an Internet browser and locate your vehicle fleet from any PC or Smartphone instantly.

What is the monthly cost?

The monthly cost will be the mobile phone operator's fee to transmit GPRS 10MB per month.

Who are you?

We are a company based in Montevideo, Uruguay with clients in more than 100 countries. We are able to offer the best technical support and after-sales market, ensuring total system operation.

How I can test the product?

You can login to our live server. Or better for live demonstrations, we recommend purchasing our PROFESSIONAL KIT (or PRO KIT). The PRO KIT allows you to test the system and see how it works before buying a larger quantity of tracking units. Many customers have started their own business in this way.

Can a burglar disable the system?

If the thief disconnects the main battery, the system will immediately alert you or the owner. You may install an anti-tamper button to generate a warning if someone is trying to sabotage the system. If the GSM service is unavailable or the Server is offline the system will store everything in memory and will upload automatically.

Which countries are covered?

Worldwide coverage is guaranteed. It has been tested and installed in more than 100 countries, with different mobile carriers.

How quickly can it transmit the information?

The position is transmitted in 1 second. Each device is usually configured to send its position every 1 minute to avoid overloading the system and to keep monthly fees down too. In addition the user or system operator may poll the device for real-time location.

How much should I charge clients?

In the tracking service an installation fee and a monthly fee are charged. The initial installation can be up to $100 and a monthly fee of $30 or more depending on the number of services provided and the type of vehicle tracked. This involves a two year's contract. The device will be owned by your company. This means the new devices will pay for themselves after 2 months. Although this business requires an initial investment, the annual yield makes it a very attractive business.

Which model is most recommended?

The AVL model is the most complete and reliable device on the market. We recommend purchases of 100 or more in order to lower the cost per quantity, reduce freight costs and import costs to a minimum.

How I can become a distributor?

Acquiring 50 units or the PRO KIT. After that we will send you leads from our website.

What is included in the PRO KIT?

_ CarTrack GPS Server Software remotely installed at your company.
_ Representation and Distribution agreement.
_ CarTrack GPS Desktop Software for diagnostics and configuration.
_ Lifetime upgrades and maintenance for a minimum fee.
_ Email/Skype support the 7 days a week.
_ 8 pcs. iTrackPro AVL GPRS/GPS/GSM
(Includes GPS antenna and GSM antenna, internal battery backup, panic button and wiring connections) _ Configuration cable
We pay the Shipping by FedEx or DHL. Delivery time: 3 days.

How to track a vehicle?

Your website will be accessible from any browser by logging in with the username and password. The location of the vehicle(s) will be shown in the map in realtime.

How much should I pay per month?

We do not charge any fee per vehicle. The purchase of the hardware and software is a one time investment that will give you lifetime profitability.

Can I charge my clients for using it?

Yes, charging a monthly fee is the base of your business plan. This is a very profitable business for the long term, since the devices will always be owned by your company. This business can bring a 120% interest rate per year providing that you install all the units in the first months.

What do I need to activate the device?

You need a simcard with Internet. They will transmit around 8 MB of data per month. The phone companies usually offer packages for large amounts of data at a low price. Once you place the chip you should install the device covertly. The installation process is simple: the GPS antenna must be attached under the dashboard - with no metal obstructing the antenna's view of the sky. The GPS signal can pass through glass and plastic without problem. The rest is similar to the installation of a car alarm. This process should only be performed by a car electrician.

What do I need to become a distributor?

The requirement is to buy 50 tracking units or the PRO KIT. We will supply all the information and advice needed to start the business, plus 7x365 dedicated tech support by Skype and Email. This support includes remote installation and configuration of the Web Server on your PC/Server. The machine should be dedicated to this purpose. A distributor will receive discounts for frequent purchases and leads from our website.

Which map formats are used?

The platform uses Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Streets and OpenStreetMap.

What makes us different from the competition?

Our products are designed specifically for the tracking business. Our success over the years is possible only because of the balance between price, stability, ease of use and quality. Our offer is a "turnkey" solution which is a smart choice for companies which demands to have 100% control of the Server. Our products have been selected by companies with the highest level of quality requirement worldwide due to its reliability when working in severe conditions. Examples of this are companies in Middle East (Dubai), Europe and America. While others just sell a product to anyone without any warranty, we propose a serious business based on the actual use of the product. Training and deployment of the system are critical for commercial success. Therefore we will walk you through every step of the deployment of the system and offer our maintenance services. You do not need any technical knowledge to start this business.